01/19/10 - Taking shape

Well........The form of the structure is starting to take shape. The windows will be in by the end of the week so that overall massing of the house will really start to express itself.


  1. House is coming along nice! I am eagerly awaiting each step. I have been in traditional home building for a long time, but now I am very interested in projects like this. I am working with a friend in the prelims of a similar structure/space in Atlanta. What is your total building budget and lot cost if you don't mind me asking? My email is andrew.kobak@gmail.com Thanks, Andy

  2. It's truly exciting when your own house is taking form. Of course there can be slight changes one can expect during it's development. For instance the width of the interior is slightly smaller by inches than what was planned. Of course, I hoped that if any numbers changed it would be bigger than smaller. But, at the same time, my philosophy is small is good - in that I am not appreciative of having space I really don't use.

    Always aware of possible increases to budget I am continually re-examining the list of items in order to lessen the cost of the project.

    My last change concerned the roofing. I originally wanted to go with metal. In fact I found a good roofer and a very good price for material. Why I changed in the end to shingles was the fact that snow would slide more easily off a metal roof and pile between my neighbours house and mine. This was pointed out to me by the contractor and architect. Something I did not think of. Piled snow between houses is not a healthy situation. Furthermore, the roof is not really visible from the ground - so aesthetics was not a concern. Going with a high quality shingle will also put me beneath the suggested budget for that item.

  3. It's very nice to see the volume of the house! Like Andrew, I too am eager to see the next step and learn more.

    I have a question :)

    If the angle of the roof doesn't change between the use of shingles and metal, how come the snow won't end up in the same place? Is it due to friction?


  4. Yes. With asphalt shingles the snow stays on the roof a little more and melts off at a faster rate. Normally having the snow slide right off the roof (metal) is normally a positive thing (less snow loading on the roof)but we are trying to reduce the amount of snow that will gather between the two buildings. Budget was also a manger reason as the costs of a metal roof was about 30% more