01/27/10 - Windows are in

Well the window went it today (front) witht he super large rear ones going in tomorrow. We are very excited the see design starting to take shape.

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  1. Very interesting to see it take shape. Has kind of a church look to it - which I don't mind as I'm into that. Still not certain about the front cladding. It's great to have the time and also see the progress - which in turn helps you with final selections as to how you want it to turn out. Budget bearing of course.

    Initially designed with cedar planks - I was afraid of the maintenance. So we've discussed Corten (weathering steel - which has a nice rusted look). I've also learned about a wood called ipe which has the same characteristics as teak. It is a walnut color and gradually ages into a nice silver grey and lasts a hundred years without maintenance. That is seeming very attractive. It could also be used for the shower grate instead of teak. The front door has been ordered and will make the unfinished product look more complete once it's installed. Can't wait.