12/28/09 - Steel is up

Well the "core" of the house is now up. The steel for the second floor; support posts, metal pan for the concrete floors and support beams are in. We are planning to leaved all the steel exposed and leaving the raw metal as it came out of the factory. Painting the steel is an option but you would need to prime and paint (electrostatic method) which can be costly but in the case the unfinished raw look is what we and the client are looking for. The exterior wood studs should show up this week and the exterior walls should be errected sometime next week. This will be very excitig as the massing of this house should start to take form .


  1. Very nice to see things going forward.
    All the best for this project and for the new year.
    We will follow with interest.

  2. Neat! I'm looking forward to learn more. Do you find it more challenging to construct during the winter as opposed to the summer?
    Marie @ Modern Ottawa

  3. Yes it is but its doable. The major thing is to get all the concrete work (foundation) completed before the major freeze sets in