01/12/10 - Framing begins

The house is starting to take form.

We decided to use mini 2"x6" LVL’s (wood beams) for the framing. One of the main reason is the two double height open spaces on either side of the loft area. It is difficult to frame a unsupported 18' high wall using conventional framing . There are several ways to do this but the engineer, contractor and us felt the mini beams would be the best solution. One of the biggest advantages will be all walls will be true and square and each piece is full height. This means you will not see any waves and or bumps at the mid span location.

This is also the time when everyone starts to get a sense of the scale and proportion while the building takes shape. The large sliding door type window in the rear is HUGE which is great as it allow a ton of indirect sunlight into the space. We are also glad to see the window transom (window over the rear patio door type window) also allows a lot of indirect sunlight to penetrate deep into the space. Visiting the house at 10:00am I was excited that we decide to locate a long slit window on the south wall near the front door (not yet framed) as the will let a lot of nice morning sun into the space.

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