02/24/20 - Budget Talk

I spoke with the client and asked if we could also keep track and post all of the costs and budget for this project. We are very lucky that he is willing to allow us to post how much this project will costs and how much energy is involved in keeping a project on budget. From the beginning this was always going to be a project that needed to be built with a limited budget but strong design ideals.

Craven Street

• Soft Costs (Architect, Engineer, surveyor) $30,000
• City Fees (Minor variance, PAL Review and Building Permit) $5,000
• Land Costs and Lawyer Fees $125,000
• Construction Costs (all in costs for construction) $250,000
• City Services (Hydro, Gas, Water, Sewer) $15,000


This is the total costs of the project ready to move in. I will expand on the the budget as the project developes and we start getting "real" numbers.

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