11/12/09 - Foundation complete

With the footings and foundation complete it really hit me how small this house really. I had a little laugh when it hit me that most suburban garages are bigger then this house. All this being said when I stepped into the middle of the foundation and looked imagining the sloped 18' high ceiling, slit type vertical windows and large openings in the rear I felt very comfortable with the fact that this house if going to feel spacious without large spaces. We are on track to have the foundation totally finished and the earth back filled before mid next week. This is a huge plus as we will be able to have the exterior and exposed concrete work completed before winter hits and additional heating is required with adds $$$ to the project.


  1. While the house is definitely small - and totally not the norm of the usual larger structures that are built - I believe there is a large number of people interested in a house like this who aren't served by the building industry. Just as some smaller sized condos work better than larger ones because of a really good floor plan - a house can work the same way.

  2. Wow, it's definitely a small footprint. Still a small well designed home is better than a big one with a bad layout. There are a lot of big houses out there built to impress the buyers but as soon as they start living in it, they realize that a lot of that space is not useable.
    - Marie @ Modern Ottawa

  3. Very very nice design.
    Look forward to following the build.