11/05/09 - The digging begins

The excavation went well as we didn't find any major surprises. The excavation is a nervous time for us as you have little knowledge to what old city services may remain, if there a high water table or how the soil conditions are in all locations.

Foundation and floor system chat;
Early in the design stages we decide to go with a shallow perimeter foundation with a radiant heated concrete slab on grade for the first level and poured concrete floor on top of metal decking for the second floor.

-Concerns with underpinning (going below the basement of the neighbors) so a shallow foundation system would resolve any issue.
-Take advantage and maximize the efficient of a radiant heat system but locating it in 6" of concrete (mass collector) over reflective insulation.
-We are planing to polish the interior concrete floor and not use any floor tiles, carpet and or other interior floor finishes which helps the budget.
-The clients desire to have raw exposed materials with little trim, fussy details and or unnecessary decoration.

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  1. Mini house owner.

    Besides liking modern minimalist design - I'm hoping, also, to simplify my lifestyle. So I and neighbours and friends, I hope, will enjoy the esthetics of the project - and the house will be low maintenance. Nonetheless, the project is driven by budget. While a wood burning stove will be a pleasing piece in the living area - it should help reduce heating costs. Likewise, investing in skylights, which add beauty by providing additional light, will help with both passive heating and cooling.