11/22/09 - Back fill complete

The foundation, waterproofing, footing inspections by the city and repairs t the neighboring foundation (waterproofing which you normally have to do when you build so close to other homes) and back fill is now complete. Most Architects and Builder will tell you that at this point you take a moment as you are very happy that you didn't run into an major surprises, the foundation and footings are covered before frost sets in and you didn't have major delays do to constant rain and or bad weather. We had a few rain days but we are very lucky that we got this far so fast and without a major drop in temperature and or snow as that would have resulted on extra costs outside the normal budget. The contractor has ordered the steel and framing should begin next week. This is normally the most exciting part for all as you begin to see the architectural form taking shape, windows opening locations starting to appear and the overall scale of the project taking shape.

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  1. I trust the project is proceeding well.
    Haven't had a posting for a while now, so I hope you will continue to share with us.
    Achieving something special with so little space is sure to be exciting.