03/14/10 - Back in business

It's been a while since we posted but there was not much to chat about. We had a delay due to the City of Toronto and the sewer people. After spending 10k (rip off) on a new sewer line the client was rewarded by late response times and no shows.

But we are back and the project is moving forward once again. The sewer is in, the electrical, mechanical and plumbing rough-ins are done and the polished concrete floors are scheduled to be poured this Saturday!!!

The Metal stairs and railings have already been made so after the floor is poured the rest of the house will move along at a fast pace.

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  1. House is looking great. Neighbours are very fond of it.

    Presently the main floor is covered with blue insulation foam above inches of gravel.

    Atop this is zigzagging bright orange tubing for radiant heat. The loft area has the tubing resting on a metal floor.

    Later this week the cement will be poured. Then dry walling and painting.

    The outside cladding for sides and back will be a grey galvalume. The front will, more than likely, be oxidized copper. A pleasant, peaceful soft green colour.

    I may be able to move in next month. Some landscaping will take place afterwards. I am hoping to have it simple, minimal - and low maintenance -while quite beautiful.